Untitled, 2017
Mont Rose, 2017
At Charles and Pierre-Alexandre’s Place, 2017
At Miki and Vladimir’s place, 2017
Instant Happiness, 2019
HPV, 2019
Untitled, 2018
Ophelia, 2018
H&H, 2017
Beach 19, 2018


14.9. – 3.10.2019

24 Hours – Ocean Waves Crashing Onto The Shore is a fictional New Age youtube channel for healing music inhabited by three delusionals on the edge of neurosis. A young poet fighting with post-traumatic stress disorder, a former costume designer crippled by option paralysis finding ease at a dog park at night, and a broke filmmaker who starts dissociating from reality as he waits at Beach 19  for his  funding to arrive, refusing to accept that the production has been cancelled. Each is stuck in a sisyphean recurrence of their regression, neurotically repeating acts of denial, imagination or dissociation to avoid the discomfort of reality, where they struggle to find meaningful ways to cope with their emotions. Unaware of the defense mechanisms that protect them from facing personal crisis, perhaps the soothing sounds of Solfeggio Frequencies can bring them resilience. The mythical frequencies, popular on youtube and mindfulness apps, promise happiness, anxiety remedy, self awareness,  patience, inner peace.  But can they fight the worldly, societal causes of their  anxieties?